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About Pravotoday

About Pravotoday
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About Pravotoday
PRAVOTODAY IN UA is a website covering important events in Ukrainian and worldwide Jurisprudence.

Target audience:

judges, prosecutors, attorneys, lawyers in private practice, notaries, patent attorneys, employees of law enforcement bodies, civil servants, law students and professors, scholars, correspondents of legal mass-media in general, and everyone whose professional activity relates to law or who is going to connect his or her life with the legal profession.

The core of this web site rests on five pillars:

Information We aim to provide our users with the most complete information regarding events in Ukrainian and worldwide jurisprudence.  In addition to news, publications and informational blogs, Pravotoday reports on the following:
  • Law firms
  • Attorneys in private practice
  • Notaries
  • Patent Agents
  • The central bodies of the government
  • Local authorities
  • Ukrainian courts
  • Public organizations
  • Colleges and graduate schools in the Ukraine
  • Graduate schools abroad
Timeliness All information presented on this site is updated constantly. We continuously search for new information, look for novel approaches, and seek new solutions in order to satisfy the needs of our demanding audience.

Customization Every authorized user can create an individual profile and choose from a variety of additional options. These include contributing material, subscribing to news, participating in blogs, forums and jurisprudence clinics, shopping at our on line store and participating in legal service tenders, etc.

Communication Pravotoday in UA is a place where users can discuss issues with one another as well as with the sites administrators. The site also offers opportunities for professional fellowship among the lawyers through legal clinics, forums, blogs, and a section called Court Judgments where lawyers can publish court decisions on cases they have litigated.  Users will be able to initiate discussions of documents, express legal positions, and read the opinions of colleagues.  

Innovation  We constantly apply new technologies in order to make our site easy to navigate. Users of  Pravotoday in UA are able to search the materials on the site with the help of  programs and services that comply with the international RSS format. They also are able to add titles and annotations to those materials. We also offer a version that is accessible by cell phones that support GSM standard and PDA devices. Additionally, users can access the information in the WAOP version. Pravotoday in UA is also on Twitter.


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