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About Pravotoday

About Pravotoday
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Editorial Policy
Editorial Policy
Pravotoday in UA publishes original content as well as information from other sources (in accord with Ukrainian law and the editorial policies of such sources.) We also accept submissions from freelance writers.   
Information published in Pravotoday in UA must be deemed reliable and complete, reflecting a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the facts.

Pravotoday in UA accepts submissions of the following:

1)    Original articles
2)    News of legal proceedings in both the public and private sectors
3)    Reviews of legal? juridical services and other analytical surveys
4)    Announcements and press releases  
5)    Public relations materials and advertisements in accord with the conditions set forth by Pravotoday in UA, and subject to approval by its editorial board
6)    Job listings
7)    Information about goods and services associated with the law for our internet shop
8)    Other materials approved by our editorial board

Pravotoday in UA gives registered users an opportunity to publish their CVs in the "Career" section.

Information and materials from authors who wish to remain anonymous may be used if the source is known to our editorial board and is deemed reliable. However in order to avoid posting inaccurate and intentionally distorted information, the editorial board will make every effort to verify the content using other sources.

Interactive services (forums, blogs, etc.) are moderated by our editorial staff.

When submitting original materials or content that has appeared in other publications, a link/hyperlink is required.  

The opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the point of view of   the editorial board .

 Information for authors:
  • Articles submitted for posting must have a legal orientation and must be consistent with Pravotoday in UAs editorial policies. Authors are responsible for ensuring the reliability, originality and accuracy of their work.

  • Advertisers are responsible for the content of their ads.

  • Articles must be based only on established facts and reflect current legislation

  • Provided information and urgent issue must not be repeated with other materials of the website
  • Articles submitted for posting should not call for the overthrow of the constitutional system or the takeover of governmental authorities, for changes of administrative limits or the national borders of Ukraine. They may not incite a breach of the order established by constitution of Ukraine or call for arson, destruction of property, seizure of buildings and facilities or violent forced ejection of citizens. Articles may not incite aggression or military conflict, directly or indirectly, make derogatory remarks based on ethnicity, race or religious affiliation or contain statements that are deemed chauvinistic. Pravotoday in UA will not accept articles that use vulgar language or contain content that is obscene, or pornographic, in character.

Please contact the editing board of Pravotoday in UA to express any concerns, comments or criticism you might have.

If you find an error in the text, please, select it with the mouse and press Ctrl+Enter