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Our Partners
Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) - all-Ukrainian public organization, founded in 2002 to bring together lawyers for a strong and influential professional community, which would become a powerful voice of the legal profession of our country.
Ukrainian Attorneys' Association (UAA) - all-Ukrainian nongovermental organization, which was established on the basis of professional status and combines attorneys to promote the development and strengthening of the Bar in Ukraine.
Association for Resistance to Unfair Competition (RUC) is an all-Ukrainian non-profit non-government organization aimed at developing fair competitive conditions in the business environment in Ukraine and on international level. It is a member of the International League of Competition Law - LIDC (Lausanne, Switzerland, website: www.ligue.org), being its official representative in Ukraine.
Council of Independent Accountants and Auditors (CIAA) is a nonprofit organization which purposes at joining  efforts of accountants and auditors for facilitating reformation and development of accounting and auditing in Ukraine taking into consideration the processes of European integration, improvement of tax legislation and protection of professional, social and other common interests of organization members.
Legal Alliance Company was founded in 1995. Today the Company has one of the strongest practices in the area of Pharmaceutical law in Ukraine, IPR, as well as ntitrust and ompetition law, that allows them to consider all specifics of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market and provide our clients with high-quality legal assistance.
The Center for International Law and Justice (CILJ) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpolitical organization. The Center is located in Odessa city. The main goal of the Center is to promote research in the field of international law, as well as the development of the science of international law within Ukraine and abroad.
The Coordination Council of Young Lawyers is the consultative and advisory body at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The objective of the Council is to coordinate efforts of young lawyers by assertion of the high role of the legal profession in Ukraine; coordination of activity as to improvement of legal education and training quality; engagement of young lawyers in standard-setting processes, conduction of law-forming and legal-educational work, and formation of an active position by the new generation of lawyers. 
NAU Systems provides computer information services in the sphere of Ukrainian legislation.
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