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AurumLex Law Firm

AurumLex Law Firm
Practice Area: Administrative process
Civil Law
Commercial Law
Competition Law
Contract Law
Copyright Law
Corporate Law
Economic Law
Employment (Labor) Law
Family Law
Finance Law
Intellectual property
International Private Law
Land Law
Media Law
Mediation and Concilation
Mergers and acquisitions
Real Estate
Medical Law
Region: Kyiv
Address: 01033, Ukraine, Kyiv
4 Kovpaka Str, office 44
Telephone number: (044) 528 30 70
Fax: (044) 528 30 70
web-site: http://www.aurumlex.com.ua
E-mail: office@aurumlex.com.ua
Date (year) of foundation: 2011
Additional description
We are sure that to achieve our goal that is to become one of the best law firms in Ukraine, we have, first of all, take care of a Client and his/her interests. That is why a team of leading lawyers gathered together and established AurumLex Law Firm (from Lat. Aurum - gold, Lex - law).

Despite the fact that the Firm was established recently, our lawyers have impeccable professional reputation and substantial practical experience in protecting Clients interests.

We are specialized in complex support and protect of the business, though our lawyers will put maximum efforts to give answer on any question and solve any problem, because we value each Client.

The most effective Firms practices are corporate law, financial law (including tax consulting), contract law, Clients support in the courts of general and special jurisdiction, protection of copyright and related rights, registration and re-registration of business entities, as well as representing Clients interests in regulatory bodies (the state tax administration authorities and other bodies).

The principle of our work is "We are not waiting for a problem to appear, we work on its prevention!".
Legal Business News

Interlegal experts succeeded in the deal aimed at strengthening defense of the foreign Bank positions
Interlegal experts drafted the Agreement on vessel management services
Interlegal drafted the tailor-made voyage Charter Party for a large charterer
Interlegal lawyers prevented unlawful cargo retention
Consulting upon VAT in EU
Sellers interest defense under FOB terms: peculiarities of river transportation and the Buyers obligations
Interlegal supported execution of bank guarantee as security under the charter party
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