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Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners

Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners
Practice Area: Administrative process
Civil Law
Commercial Law
Competition Law
Contract Law
Copyright Law
Corporate Law
Customs Law
Economic Law
Employment (Labor) Law
Family Law
Intellectual property
International arbitration
International Private Law
International rade
Land Law
Maritime and Transport Law
Mergers and acquisitions
Real Estate
Region: Kyiv
Address: 03150, Kiev, 72, Yamska Str.
Telephone number: +38(044)227-16-81, +38(044)227-16-82
Fax: +38(044) 586-46-59
web-site: http://www.legalconsulting.com.ua
E-mail: info@legalconsulting.com.ua
Date (year) of foundation: 2005
Additional description
Law company "Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" provides a wide range of legal services to ensure economic activity and stability of its clients. Our lawyers and attorneys have significant experience in various areas of law, we represent our clients and protect their rights in the courts and government agencies, and also perform routine maintenance of their current activities.
Key practices of UK "Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners"
Judicial practice is one of our key practices, here are working a team of professionals. We represent clients in all courts in general, commercial and administrative courts. Our trial lawyers and attorneys have significant experience and practice of litigation, which enables us to provide high quality representation in the courts.
Corporate practice and our experts in corporate law have considerable experience working with contracts restructuring, merger, acquisition, reorganization or liquidation.
We should also highlight corporate practices and services provided by Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners especially for Joint Stock Companies, in more detail on www.corporatesecretary.com.ua
Transport law practice "Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" specializes in legal services of freight forwarders, transport companies, carriers, and logistics and warehouse operators. Our lawyers have significant experience in the field of transport law, in particular on the contract of carriage, storage, freight forwarding and logistic services. We provide daily activities and accompany the transport companies, carriers and logistics operators.
Contract law Our lawyers and attorneys have significant experience in contract work both as regards the intra and international contracts and agreements. The main list: international trade, international investment, construction and real estate, retail, wholesale and retail activities, transportation, logistics, and transportation.
Taxation "Alliance Ratushnyak and Partners" has a strong case practice, our tax lawyers and consultants specialize in solving tax disputes and tax advisory services. Our lawyers have significant experience and practice of settlement of tax disputes.
We provide services in different areas of law for Ukrainian and international clients.
Legal Business News

Interlegal experts succeeded in the deal aimed at strengthening defense of the foreign Bank positions
Interlegal experts drafted the Agreement on vessel management services
Interlegal drafted the tailor-made voyage Charter Party for a large charterer
Interlegal lawyers prevented unlawful cargo retention
Consulting upon VAT in EU
Sellers interest defense under FOB terms: peculiarities of river transportation and the Buyers obligations
Interlegal supported execution of bank guarantee as security under the charter party
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