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Limitation of attorneys advertising


Extract Limited advertising of advocacy

1. Lawyer practicing individually, as well as lawyers' association, have the right to advertise their professional activities in accordance with the applicable law and these Rules.

2. Advertising is permitted in the form of an ad, newsletters and other promotional materials in periodicals, directories, newsletters, other publications, and broadcast advertisements on radio and television. The lawyer is not allowed to offer their services to a particular client either personally or through intermediaries.

3. Advertising or other promotional materials about professional activities of the lawyer (or lawyers association):
  • should include family and first name of the lawyer (lawyers association); address where legal assistance of the lawyers (lawyers association) can be provided; telephone number; general information about law practices the lawyer is specialized in or indication of the fact that legal assistance is available to all branches of the law; registration number, date and place of issuing of the license (date of lawyer association registration and its registration number);
  • may include: information about schools where education was gained; institutions where qualification was improved,  other academic gains and professional achievements of the lawyer; membership in unions, associations of lawyers, participating in their bodies; information about work experience as a lawyer or an attorney-at-law  (with the mandatory specification of the time being an attorney-at-law); information about the languages the lawyer knows;
  • not allowed to include reviews of the third parties on the lawyers  work; comparisons with other lawyers and their critics; statements about the reliability of the successful implementation of orders and other statements that may cause unwarranted expectations from customers; indications, which can form an idea that the activity of the lawyer is characterized by the features and performance of this lawyer inherent in reality, the advocacy itself. 4. Promotional materials on the activities of a lawyer (lawyers association) should be unbiased, reliable clear and understandable, they should not contain hints, ambiguities or otherwise be misleading for potential customers and must meet a clever aesthetic requirements.
5. Promotional materials on the activities of lawyers associations where the names of the lawyers and other employees are mentioned should also include exact indications about the status of every one of those persons: attorney-at-law, assistant to the attorney-at-law, lawyer or member of technical personnel (director, manager, secretary, interpreter, etc.).

6. Lawyers (heads of lawyers associations) are personally responsible for the accuracy of the advertisements about them (lawyers associations), and also for or their compliance with applicable law and these Rules. If a lawyer (lawyers association) became aware of widespread advertising of their activities without his knowledge, which does not meet the requirements noted, they are obliged to take all reasonably practicable steps to refutation and correction of such promotional information, and report it to the regional qualification disciplinary committee. 7. All above mentioned restrictions on advertisements of lawyers (lawyers' associations) do not apply only directly on the ads, but on the announcement of the recruitment process, and the like.

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