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Legal Business News

Interlegal experts succeeded in the deal aimed at strengthening defense of the foreign Bank positions
Interlegal experts drafted the Agreement on vessel management services
Interlegal drafted the tailor-made voyage Charter Party for a large charterer
Interlegal lawyers prevented unlawful cargo retention
Consulting upon VAT in EU
Sellers interest defense under FOB terms: peculiarities of river transportation and the Buyers obligations
Interlegal supported execution of bank guarantee as security under the charter party
Limitation of attorneys advertising
RULES OF LAWYERS ETHICS Extract Limited advertising of advocacy 1. Lawyer practicing individually, as well as lawyers' association, have the right to advertise their professional activities in accordance with the applicable law and these Rules. 2. Advertising is permitted in the form of an ad, newsletters and other promotional materials in periodicals, directories, newsletters, other publications, and broadcast advertisements on radio and television. The lawyer is not allowed to offer their services to a particular client either personally or through intermediaries. 3. Advertising or other promotional materials about professional activities of the lawyer (or lawyers association): should i...  read more...
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